Teosyal Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers fill out the gaps in the epidermis and dermis where collagen has depleted and left a space. This in turn forms a wrinkle. The results are instant and clients are in control of how little or how much they wish an area to be filled. After initial treatment there will be slight swelling but this will disappear within 24 hours.

Fillers are quick and easy to administer and create an instant result. The fillers we use are non permanent and need re treating approximately every 6 months although this can vary from person to person. It is not pain free but we provide anaesthetics to minimise any discomfort and use experienced doctors to inject.

Swelling and erythema (redness) are normal side effects from the initial injections. Sometime bruising can and does occur in some people. On rare occasions people can react to the filler and should they suffer from cold sores then the injection in the body of the lip can trigger a breakout.

There are many different types of fillers and many people refer to fillers by the brand name rather than the word dermal filler. The difference in the components of the filler varies enormously. When fillers were first introduced the main type was called collagen which is an animal based product. It is still used today by some providers but as it is made from animal extract, users need to have a test area injected. This consists of a small amount of collagen being injected into the body, normally in the arm, and then it must be left for 4 weeks to ensure no adverse reaction takes place.

Newer products have come into the marketplace which have higher concentrations of hyaluronic acid, found naturally in the body, reducing the reaction rate even further, and these can come in many different strengths to match different sites on the body.

Our preferred supplier is Teosyal, the leading product on the market at present.

  1. Global Action: This can be used in any site on the body
  2. Kiss: Used in the lip area and around the lip border to prevent lipstick line bleeding
  3. First Line: Used for subtle lines and fine lines around the face
  4. Deep line: Used for moderate lines around the face specifically good for lines from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth (naso labial lines)
  5. Ultra Deep: Used for much deeper more severe lines or lines on men’s faces as it fills the gaps more easily and lasts longer than the other types. This product is also used for creating volume in the cheek area
  6. Meso: Used to hydrate the skin from the inside out replacing lost moisture. Plumps the skin can be used under the eyes, on the backs of hands and décolletage
Anti - Wrinkle injections Price
1 area £150
2 area £200
3 area £250
Top up 0.5ml £200
Dermal Filler Price
Lip filler £200
Nose-Mouth filler £250
Cheek filler £550
Top up 0.5ml £200

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