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7 benefits of dental implants in Emsworth

If you’ve been struggling with a set of dentures for a while and find that you are lacking confidence because of them, we understand. At the North Street Clinic we have helped many patients with dental implants in Emsworth by giving them confidence when it comes to eating, laughing, singing or any activities that having dentures may have previously hindered. There are many benefits to having denture stabilisation on a set of implants and they are listed below in order to ensure you know that you are investing in the best that dental care has to offer.

1. Bone health

The biggest problem with losing your teeth is actually not the most obvious. While the ability to chew and eat nutritious food is understandably at the forefront of your mind, you may not realise that once teeth fall out, the bone around them is going to start to dissolve. This is the only bone in your body that does this, its purpose is to hold teeth in place but once these teeth are gone, the body will reabsorb the bone leading to significant bone loss in the jaw. However, with dental implants in Emsworth, we can not only stop bone loss but reverse it too. Implants are made from titanium, which is a strong metal alloy that bones simply love to grow onto. Once this is securely placed in the jaw, the bone will be encouraged to grow back and remain in place for as long as the implant is there, helping to reduce and reverse bone loss in a beneficial way.

2. Durability

The titanium that we use is highly durable and will likely last longer than you, which means that you will only need implant surgery once and never again. The teeth that are attached to the implant may need to be replaced after many years but this is easily done without interrupting the structural integrity of the implant.

3. Natural appearance

Dental implants that stabilise a set of dentures will feel completely natural, just like your own teeth, they will also look exactly like your natural teeth in terms of colour and your teeth will look as real as anyone else's.

4. Easier eating

Once your dentures are fixed to the implants, eating becomes much easier, in fact, you can probably start to enjoy foods that loose dentures made impossible before.

5. Improved speech and comfort

Sliding dentures can affect one’s speech, but once they are fixed in place with dental implants in Emsworth, you can talk, laugh and sing without worrying about them falling out or causing you to lisp.

6. Convenience

It can be embarrassing to have to remove teeth in front of friends, family or your partner, but with this treatment it is no longer going to be an issue, as your teeth will be conveniently fixed in your mouth like normal teeth.

7. Improved self-esteem

If you no longer need to worry about talking, eating, or your appearance and you can be confident that your teeth look beautiful and will not fall out, this will naturally improve your self-esteem.


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