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Dental implants in Emsworth and what you need to know

Do you remember the last time you visited a dentist? If it has been a while and you cannot remember, you are almost certainly due to have a dental appointment. And what better place to restart your dental journey than at our practice, The North Street Clinic in Emsworth.

About our practice, The North Street Clinic

Established in 2002, our practice, The North Street Clinic, has been providing high quality dental services to our patients ever since. We have been using our facilities and latest technologies to make certain that not only are our services up to date, but that we have designed our practice to be as comfortable and welcoming as possible, ensuring your experience with North Street Clinic is a positive one.

We have a friendly and dedicated team of dental professionals who are fully trained and have expertise in a wide variety of dentistry areas. At our practice we believe in continuously building our knowledge of all aspects of dentistry, meaning that we provide all of our patients with the best service and dental treatments available.

We supply treatments for patients of all ages, from children to more mature patients and we also offer children free check-ups to encourage our younger patients to prioritise their oral health and get into the habit of maintaining a good oral regime.

What treatments can we offer you at our practice, The North Street Clinic?

Our practice, The North Street Clinic, offers a broad range of dental services for ourWhat treatments can we offer you at our practice, The North Street Clinic?

patients within cosmetic, preventive and general dentistry.

If you have recently lost a tooth through an unfortunate accident, injury or due to age, we also provide our patients with dental services to replace missing teeth.

Missing teeth - how do we treat this at The North Street Clinic?

Losing your tooth and/or teeth can be a traumatic experience which can also leave you feeling self-conscious and unhappy with the current state of your smile. Hope is not lost however, because at The North Street Clinic, one of our dentists in Emsworth can help you achieve the smile you desire by carrying out one of our dental treatments to replace your missing tooth.

The dental treatments we offer which deal with the replacement of missing teeth are mainly dentures, denture stabilisation and dental implants.

The benefits of having dental implants in Emsworth

A long term and popular treatment to replace missing teeth, dental implants in Emsworth are a solution that is able to restore your smile with long lasting results.

Dental implants in Emsworth essentially work by using a metal post which is planted into your jawbone, to provide a secure surface for one of our dentists to apply an artificial tooth. This tooth is made to match the natural shade and shape of your remaining teeth, meaning that it is not noticeably different from them.

Dental implants in Emsworth provide many benefits for those who decide to have the treatment. Not only do dental implants provide a natural appearance to your smile, but because they are fixed into your jawbone they can last many years in the mouth due to their durability. It also means that you can go back to enjoying your favourite foods with ease and without discomfort.


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