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Are you based in the town of Emsworth?

A small town in Hampshire; Emsworth is known to be a fishing village, and this is largely due to its history of being a port. If you live in Emsworth you will know that in modern times, its residents include sailors, naturalists and artists. Its streets are lined with a mix of high walled gardens and architectural styles which makes the town a quiet and attractive place to reside in. Emsworth is also home to many restaurants and specialist shops which makes it a desirable town to live in.

Dental practices in Emsworth

Also important for its residents, Emsworth has healthcare services ranging from GPs and hospitals to its many dental practices, including our very own practice; The North Street Clinic.

About The North Street Clinic

The North Street Clinic established in 2002 is led by our director and principal dentist Nita Gupta. Our specialist team is made up of qualified and highly skilled dental professionals including an associate dentist, aesthetics doctor, hygiene therapist, hygienist dental nurses and receptionists. These individuals all bring their specialised skill set and expertise to provide a high quality professional and friendly service for all our patients.

Although we are a small team, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the practice and ensure that along with the latest technologies, we are able to provide to our patients suitable treatments for their dental issues. We provide treatments for individuals of all ages and we also offer free check-ups for our youngest patients to encourage good dental health and an oral regime from an early age.

The treatments we offer at The North Street Clinic

At The North Street Clinic we provide many dental services to our patients for needs relating to general dentistry, such as treatment for root canals and emergency dental care. We also provide preventive dentistry treatments which range from treating sensitive teeth and dealing with dental hygiene, to mouth cancer screening. We also offer treatments for individuals who are considering cosmetic dentistry such as invisible braces, white fillings and teeth whitening. If you have also had to deal with missing a tooth or multiple teeth, we are glad to be able to provide dental treatments to replace missing teeth.

I have lost some of my teeth, what can I do?

Losing a tooth is never an easy experience, neither is having to deal with the effects of having a gap where a tooth should be. Which is why at The North Street Dental Clinic we offer to our patients dental treatments to replace missing teeth, for example dental implants in Emsworth.

The benefits of dental implants in Emsworth

A long term solution for replacing a tooth which has been lost either by an accident or natural causes, dental implants in Emsworth provide a permanent solution for patients who decide to undergo this treatment. Dental implants are made to look natural when placed next to the patient’s remaining teeth and they also function like natural teeth, meaning speech is improved and there is no risk of them shifting or loosening, so a patient can eat their favourite food without any worry.


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