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Your guide to dental implants in Emsworth

Personal embarrassment and loss of confidence in individuals who experience a missing tooth is an unfortunate reality, and a set of loose dentures for individuals who have tried to conceal missing teeth may cause discomfort and insecurity when it comes to eating and speaking in public. Getting dental implants in Emsworth at The North Street Clinic can bring back your vitality and confidence by securing a set of implants with crowns or bridges as false teeth to your jawbone, so that you can regain your confidence and get back to life as normal.

A short history of dental implants

Though dental implants have a long history, we will give you the short version so that you know you are not a guinea-pig in an experiment, but rather receiving the result of centuries of learning and testing! Archeologists have found evidence of ancient Chinese mummies who used bamboo to replace missing teeth, as well as examples from other ancient cultures, however, the procedure similar to that which we experience today was first performed in the 1960s and since then a great deal of research has been conducted, resulting in the successful procedure we have to offer you today.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants in Emsworth are small screws or posts that are made from titanium, this metal alloy can endure years of being embedded in your jawbone, as it has high tensile strength and is very tough.

These screws act like the root of a tooth but are stronger and not likely to get infected in the same way, your jawbone will grow around the screw to secure it into place and give it the foundation it needs to hold a crown or bridge firmly and permanently in place.

The procedure

The surgery to place implants can take anywhere from 30 minutes for a single implant to 3-4 hours for multiple implants and we offer sedation for such cases and for nervous patients who may have anxieties about the surgery.

There are numerous options for you to consider for dental implants in Emsworth. We can anchor a single missing tooth with an implant or secure an entire row of teeth for a complete change of your smile, whatever your needs are, the surgery itself remains the same.

Our dentist will numb the area they need to work on and sedate you if necessary, like all dental procedures we do not aim to cause pain, then a cut will be made along the gum to expose the bone which the dentist will prepare and drill into. Once there is a space for the implant, the titanium screw is inserted and the area is stitched up. You will then be sent home for the bone to grow onto and secure the implant, before returning for a second appointment to secure your new permanent teeth, the entire process can take about 6-8 months.

Will I have gaps during the healing process?

No, you will be fitted with a set of temporary crowns or bridges for the time you are waiting for the implant area to heal, although you will need to be careful and not bite into things that are too hard in order to help the healing process to be a success.


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